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  • Aaron Vanderkley

Display Home Build Series | FBR (Fastbrick Robotics)

Disclaimer: I am an employee of FBR Limited and am speaking solely on the production side of this content. To find out more about FBR visit;

This project marked the first time Hadrian X, the world's first fully autonomous, end to end bricklaying robot, left FBR's premises to build the walls of a house out in the real world. Due to the fact this build was taking place in the public eye, it was important that the business stay ahead of the news so it was decided to release progress of the Display Home build in the form of 'vlogs'.

Released 9th July 2020.

Each vlog was designed to cover a topic surrounding the overall construction progress rather than focusing just on the build itself, with the aim to provide further operational insight to both stakeholders and the general audience. For example, the site setup required to be undertaken before the Hadrian X can lay a single block to the slab or the purposes of having a 'controls van' out on-site during this pilot building stage.

Released 9th July 2020.

Based on feedback and viewership, what resonated most with audiences was the personnel featured material, where FBR employees were able to speak about their passion for the project and how their involvement fitted in with the Display Home build that was taking place behind them.

Released 10th July 2020.

Thanks to a false start earlier in the year, the project brief for the Display Home build series was actually sitting on a hard drive and ready to be put into action as soon as the word was given. Having been through a big build twice before, I had a lot of confidence in how to best capture and package the material. We had a plan in place for each build day and what content we would be releasing as time went by - although at that point we weren't quite sure how long the build would exactly take.

Released 11th July 2020.

Serving as essentially a mobile editing suite, a 'media van' was placed on-site for the camera crew. This allowed us to dump footage, charge batteries, store gear, discuss the content plan for the day and, most importantly, edit and upload material from site.

We had time-lapse coverage of the entire build period, at least three cameras on the ground capturing material (from Hadrian X laying to interviews to miscellaneous cutaways), a drone pilot who came out to film some breathtaking shots that really gave scope to the project - all being edited, reviewed, approved and released from a van as the build was taking place outside.

Released 13th July 2020.

The Display Home build was a massive achievement for the FBR team. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and it was important for us to rise to the challenge and tell the story as efficiently as possible. The turnaround was, frankly, outrageous and a testament to the team involved.

One of FBR's company values is 'Make it Happen', and we did.

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