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  • Aaron Vanderkley

Line of Duty: a Star Trek Fan Production

An ambitious young officer who has dreamt of travelling to the stars soon discovers that it might not be somewhere she wants to be...

Starring Juliet Godwin, Will Leach, Paul Walenkamp, Jessica Niven and Sankari Sivaramalingam.

Also Starring Ron Arthurs, Andrew Kocsis, Jesse Hislop, Dylan Ratta, Zach Clifford, Aaron Vanderkley and Frank Humpreys.

Featuring Jarrod Cox, Emma Douglas, Bryson Elliott, Codey Finlay, Noah Jimmy, Cat Jones, Karin Kowi, Maggie Meyer, Mikel Talent, Julia Warnes and Ezra Vamelle.

Based upon ‘Star Trek’ created by Gene Roddenberry.

Music by Paul Baillargeon, David Bell, Venton Ray Bunch, Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy and Brian Tyler.

Costume Designer: Gina Vanderkley.

Make-Up Effects: Sankari Sivaramalingam.

Armourer: Brendan Moriarty.

On-Set Assistance: Jarrod Cox and Ron Vanderkley.

Visual Effects Artist: Samuel Cockings.

Associate Producer: Mark Naccarato.

First Assistant Director: Steven Clarke.

Gaffer/Camera Assistant: Blake Thomson.

Director of Photogtaphy: Clayton Orgles.

Written and Directed by Aaron Vanderkley.

Running Time: 20 minutes.

© 2019 Aaron Vanderkley

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