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Opportunity | FBR (as seen at Expo 2020 Dubai)

If you’re looking for the future of the construction industry, look no further than our Hadrian X® construction robot.

Hadrian X® is designed to work flawlessly with home builders from their initial sketch, all the way to laying every brick with prefect precision, reducing waste, costs, and time along the way.

Check out how the world’s most advanced construction robot efficiently navigates the entire construction process here.

Featuring Priscilla-Anne Jacob, Will Leach and Andrew Throup.

Voiceover: Maximiliano Laffont Producer/Director: Aaron Vanderkley Cinematographer/VFX: Clayton Orgles Gaffer/Camera Assistant/Music: Blake Thomson First Assistant Director: Steven Clarke Production Design: Aaron Chappell Make-Up Artist: Melissa Clarkson Animation: Cameron Tindall

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