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Sarah Jane Investigates | Kickstarter Project

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

From the 2017 cancelled Kickstarter campaign...

"SARAH JANE INVESTIGATES is an original six-part fan series from the world of BBC's 'Doctor Who' which tells the exploits of young investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith after her extraordinary travels through time and space.

Set in 1981, SARAH JANE INVESTIGATES follows our favourite intrepid reporter on thrilling adventures and chilling mysteries, promising an entertaining insight into an unexplored period of the life of Doctor Who's greatest companion, Sarah Jane Smith.

BBC, DOCTOR WHO and SARAH JANE SMITH are trademarks/characters of the British Broadcasting Corporation. K9 © Bob Baker and Dave Martin. The project, the promotion thereof, and/or any other materials created by SARAH JANE INVESTIGATES is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with BBC, or any other DOCTOR WHO brand. This project is non-commercial and fan-made intended for recreational use. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

(C) 2017 Aaron Vanderkley

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