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Winter Recipe Series ft. Jordan Bruno | 'Buy West Eat Best'

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

After the success of our initial video with 'Buy West Eat Best' (which can be found here), we were given the opportunity to produce three, 2-3 minute recipe videos which would feature a number of local West Australian products as hero ingredients.

A tight budget meant that we could only afford to shoot all the recipe and location content in a single, eight hour day so while Jordan set about creating recipes and sourcing produce, I assembled the team and schedule to be able to get the produce done on-time and on budget.

The first recipe released 'Cheat's Chicken & Leek Pie' was actually the last one we shot.

While a blanket format and shot list was created for the entire project, it did evolve fairly significantly on-set once we went through the first recipe. In fact, I ended up writing a brand new shot list for each recipe as we went along. We would shoot Jordan's Intro, capture all the methodology separately allowing him to cook uninterrupted, and then we would come back together to record the outro.

Clever thinking on our initial video with Buy West Eat Best allowed us to recycle our specially recorded music at no further cost, as well as reusing a few graphics created by Marker Enterprises (although new ones obviously needed to be created for each 'step' in the recipes). The closing 'subscribe' sequence was also reused from the initial video to add some continuity to the series.

We had a great opportunity to sample the food Jordan Bruno created for each recipe and the results were simply delicious.

Once the base template was created during the editing process, Clayton Orgles found it relatively easy to swap out the footage to create the subsequent videos. We also worked out it was far more efficient for Marker Enterprises to create their graphics once the first rough cut was completed, to ensure content and timing of the steps matched the live action footage.

We were not required to make any changes to the edits on behalf of the client and the videos were released weekly from 11th July 2020.

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